Illuminate Your Skin with Hollywood Spectra – FDA Approved Skin Therapy

Introducing Hollywood Spectra, the first-ever FDA-approved device for treating melasma. It stands as the world’s leading 1064/532nm laser platform, renowned for its ability to reduce unwanted pigmentation and restore skin radiance. The advanced, user-friendly design offers a range of treatment options, from skin brightening to tattoo removal. Hollywood Spectra confidently embraces its globally recognized reputation for reliable performance across various treatment modalities. Explore a series of powerful treatment methods:

  • The HyperSurge resonator delivers high peak pressure.
  • Nano-acoustic technology targets unwanted pigmentation in a 5-nanosecond burst.
  • Application control for skin rejuvenation with 0.3 milliseconds precision.
  • Uniquely achieves Hollywood Laser Peel and Acne Peel treatments.
  • PTP+ multi-pulse mode suitable for sensitive skin.

Unlock the secret to flawless skin with Hollywood Spectra!

照亮您的膚色 – 好萊塢 Spectra FDA批准的皮膚療法

了解一下好萊塢 Spectra,這是首個獲得美國FDA批准治療黃褐斑的設備。它是世界領先的1064/532nm激光平台,以減少不必要的色素沉澱和恢復膚色光澤而聞名。先進、用戶友好的設計提供一系列治療選擇,從提亮膚色到紋身去除。好萊塢 Spectra自信地擁抱其在各種治療模式中的全球公認可靠表現。探索一系列強大的治療方法:

  • HyperSurge 諧振器提供高峰值聲壓。
  • 通過納米聲學技術在5納秒內瞄準不需要的色素。
  • 應用控制膚色再生,精確到0.3毫秒。
  • 獨特實現好萊塢激光剝離和祛痘治療。
  • PTP+ 多脈衝模式適用於敏感肌膚。

用好萊塢 Spectra揭示無瑕膚色的秘密!