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Unlock Your Radiant Skin with Hollywood Spectra 激活您的光采肌肤

Illuminate Your Skin with Hollywood Spectra - FDA Approved Skin Therapy Introducing Hollywood Spectra, the first-ever FDA-approved device for treating melasma. It stands as the world's leading 1064/532nm laser platform, renowned for its ability to reduce unwanted pigmentation and restore skin radiance. The advanced, user-friendly design offers a range of treatment options, from skin brightening [...]

Unlock Your Radiant Skin with Hollywood Spectra 激活您的光采肌肤2023-11-17T17:57:57+00:00

蕊医美引进韩国最新医美仪器-Astrodome 脸部护理仪

Sarah has introduced the latest medical beauty equipment from South Korea, the Astrodome facial treatment by OxygenCeuticals. This non-invasive facial treatment applies pressurized pure oxygen infused with essences and active ingredients to the skin. The Astrodome facial treatment device is equipped with medical-grade LED and NIR functions, as well as negative ion mist [...]

蕊医美引进韩国最新医美仪器-Astrodome 脸部护理仪2023-10-23T23:41:47+00:00


Advantage One: Extremely small incisions Fast treatment process Extremely short recovery period Safe and comfortable Immediate visible results Advantage Two: Almost no sensation of pain, even lower discomfort compared to traditional radiofrequency micro-needling. Advantage Three: Treatment for acne scars and blemishes Radiofrequency heat stimulates the production of collagen Effectively and safely fades hyperpigmentation, liver spots [...]



Detoxification and Beauty: Gua Sha can promote facial blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of toxins and waste products within cells, playing a role in detoxification and beautification. Boosting Immunity: Gua Sha can stimulate facial acupoints and meridians, enhancing cellular immune function, thus reducing the likelihood of illness. Relieving Fatigue: Gua Sha can provide massage and [...]



Incellderm The seven undeniable benefits of  Incellderm for you: 1: Purify️ - Cleanses and detoxifies the skin, leaving it clean, healthy, and with strong antioxidant capabilities. 2: Hydrate️ - Leaves facial skin hydrated, soft, and beautifully moist and translucent. 3: Brighten️ - Brightens skin from the inside out, giving it a fresh and [...]


想要擁有美麗的睫毛嗎? 試試我們的睫毛延長服務!

Looking for beautiful, luscious lashes? Try our Eyelash Extension service! Why choose our Eyelash Extension service? Natural Beauty: Eyelash extensions give you naturally full and thick lashes,' no need for daily mascara, and an effortlessly beautiful look. Time-Saving: Say goodbye to the hassle of applying mascara every morning, and wake up ready to go. Long-Lasting: [...]

想要擁有美麗的睫毛嗎? 試試我們的睫毛延長服務!2023-10-20T20:40:35+00:00


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