Sarah has introduced the latest medical beauty equipment from South Korea, the Astrodome facial treatment by OxygenCeuticals. This non-invasive facial treatment applies pressurized pure oxygen infused with essences and active ingredients to the skin. The Astrodome facial treatment device is equipped with medical-grade LED and NIR functions, as well as negative ion mist infusion capabilities, aimed at revitalizing and improving problematic skin conditions. The device can be operated manually or through automated programs and offers facial and scalp LED (NIR) care simultaneously.

LED therapy offers a variety of benefits, such as skin rejuvenation, brightening, collagen activation for improved elasticity, acne management, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory effects, depending on the specific light wavelength used.

This treatment is designed to moisturize, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin while addressing issues such as dryness, uneven skin tone or texture, and signs of aging. The pressurized oxygen helps enhance serum absorption, stimulate collagen production, improve circulation, and provide soothing effects.

蕊医美引进韩国最新医美仪器,OxygenCeuticals 的 Astrodome 面部护理是一种非侵入性面部护理,将注入精华液和活性成分的加压纯氧流应用于皮肤。Astrodome 脸部护理仪是一款具有医用 LED 和 NIR 功能的设备,并具有负离子雾注入功能,可恢复活力并改善有问题的皮肤状况。该设备可以手动操作或透过自动程序操作,以护理脸部和头皮 LED (NIR),负离子雾治疗也可以同时进行。

LED 疗法具有多种功效和益处,例如皮肤年轻化、提亮、透过胶原蛋白活化改善弹性、抗痤疮、伤口愈合和抗炎益处,具体取决于特定的光波长。